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Re: No suspend in XFCE without systemd?

Paul van der Vlis wrote:

> Hello,
> I've made a Debian Jessie laptop for a customer, who does not want
> systemd. Because of dependencies with systemd I don't have policykit
> installed.
> When I do a "pm-suspend" as root the laptop comes into suspend state,
> but in XFCE the options are grey.
> When I do "xfce4-power-manager --dump" then I see that it can do suspend
> and hybernate, but is not authorized to do it. I think it will have to
> do with the missing policykit.
> Does somebody know here more?

Same problem with TDE (trinity) - just purged systemd and the
suspend/hibernate options disappeared.
I spent last few hours reading on upower and found out it exposes the
options via dbus, but somehow 0.99 that is in jessie does not have them, so
there was advise to use 0.9.23 which I just installed and will reboot to
see if it works.
be back in a minutes 

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