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Re: Jessie: NIS breaks network ?? - SOLVED!!!!

On Wed, Apr 1, 2015 at 6:11 PM, Bob Proulx <bob@proulx.com> wrote:

Jessie implies that you are using default that I cannot name for fear
of starting a flamewar.  But it hasn't been heavily tested in
conjuction with NIS/yp.

Since I'm more at a "user" knowledge level, I am neutral about default-that should-not-be-named.
Anyway, we all know that new stuff surely can disrupt things.
I have worked in an environment that dynamically set the hostname
based upon dhcp name.  That was quite the nightmare in many ways
because machine dhcp239 would report a failing component.  Where is
it?  What does it do?  Who's system is it?  Things were much better
after the dynamic naming was abandoned and static naming was resumed.
I avoid dynamically named systems except in special circumstances.
Although that is not your current problem.  Obviously you like it that
way or you wouldn't have done it that way.

Our naming scheme is *dynamic* in the sense it is done with info from DHCP, but it is also *static* in a certain sense, because info from DHCP is controlled via MAC based reservation. This way, we keep a names/ips/MACs table centrally administered at DHCP server. That also allow us to make sure that DNS is always up-to-date (same server).

I would reconfigure /etc/network/interfaces for "auto" and restart.
Once an interface is configured in /e/n/interfaces then NetworkManager
should ignore that interface from then on.  I am hoping that will be
enough to solve your issue.

Did exactly that: added:
      auto eth0
      iface eth0 inet dhcp
... to /etc/network/interfaces, and now everything works smoothly - hooray!!!!

Thank you very much for your valuable help.
Best regards,


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