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Re: Purge by Default

On 04/03/2015 at 06:50 PM, Stephen R Guglielmo wrote:

> Hi all,
> Is there a way to "--purge" by default when using apt-get or
> aptitude? I often browse the apt repo and install various things I
> find (mostly games) to discover it, then remove them in a few
> hours/days/weeks. I'm afraid of leaving tons of config files laying
> on my system.

I don't use this setting myself, but based on the apt-get man page under
'--purge', it looks like the APT::Get::Purge configuration-file setting
should do what you want.

Either add it to /etc/apt.conf, or create an appropriate file to put it
in under /etc/apt.conf.d/. If I'm parsing things correctly, the stanza
you want is probably a line reading:

APT::Get::Purge "true";

Again, I don't use this and haven't tested it, but it looks like what
I'd expect to be the correct avenue. You may want to try some searches
and/or otherwise read up on it further before testing it; that's up to

If you ever want to install or uninstall and _not_ purge, the
command-line option "--no-purge" should be able to override this

   The Wanderer

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