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Re: Purge by Default

Stephen R Guglielmo wrote:
> Is there a way to "--purge" by default when using apt-get or aptitude?
> I often browse the apt repo and install various things I find (mostly
> games) to discover it, then remove them in a few hours/days/weeks. I'm
> afraid of leaving tons of config files laying on my system.

Can you simply remember to use purge instead of remove?

Instead of these:

  apt-get remove foo
  dpkg --remove foo

Use the purge word instead of remove.

  apt-get purge foo
  dpkg --purge foo

That is what I do.  For autoremove there is always the option.

  apt-get autoremove --purge

Noting that I have etckeeper installed so I can always pull config
files out of version control if needed.  Plus I have backups so that I
can always pull a backup version back if needed.


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