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[OT] Use of language on this list was: Re: firefox-37, where to put

On Saturday 04 April 2015 01:44:46 David Wright wrote:
> Quoting Gene Heskett (gheskett@wdtv.com):
> > On Friday 03 April 2015 18:09:38 Lisi Reisz wrote:
> > > On Friday 03 April 2015 22:39:32 Gene Heskett wrote:
> > > > Sorry Brian, that is ***generally*** shorthand for "equivalent" (my
> > > > stars)
> > >
> > > No - it is another Gene special.
> > >
> > > Lisi
> >
> > Two great countries, Lisi, separated by a common language.
> >
> > The abbreviation 'equ' has been in common use on this side of the pond in
> > technical literature such as service manuals for at least 65 years that
> > I personally know of.
> >
> > A Common Language indeed. :)
> I must admit I'm getting fed up with having to keep
> http://www.acronymfinder.com/ open all the time for the likes of swag sob
> tbe pima vswr cf idk cet adat to quote a few. (And often there are *too
> many* matches for convenience.)

I failed on some of that!!

> English is my mother tongue, which helps,

No, I think it is a hindrance where Gene is concerned.  He simply refuses to 
communucate in the English that the rest of us talk.  And because it is our 
native tongue we expect to understand it.  A non-native speaker who couldn't 
understand, would accept it and (erroneously) put it down to his/her lack of 
knowledge of the language.

I think he takes some sort of pride in knowing all this abstruse language, and 
he certainly doesn't actually want to communicate.  I have to look vast 
amounts up in his emails, and I too am a native speaker.  Even after looking 
up, I often don't understand - or pick what he later claims was the wrong 
expansion of an acronym. I too am fed up with it.

Why can't he actually type out these awful jargon acronyms?  And avoid this 
extra abstruse vocabulary?  Because we might actually understand if he did, 
and writing stuff we can't understand seems to make him feel superior.

But this is the English language list,  Perhaps we should insist on a known 
dialect of English, that is spoken by more than one person.


> but there are people here 
> for whom that is not the case.
> Cheers,
> David.

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