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Re: firefox-37, where to put

Gene Heskett wrote:
> Brian wrote:
> > Gene Heskett wrote:
> > > Brian wrote:
> > > > Either there is FREE SPACE or there isn't. If there is none you
> > > > cannot install anything to that disk. What did you get? You didn't
> > > > say, so now we are left wondering how you dealt with that
> > > > situation.
> Since when did disks become one time use devices?  None that I have are.
> If its already full, you just tell the partitioner to use it all, problem 
> solved.

**That is the problem!**  If you tell the installer to use the entire
disk and to set it up in a standard configuration then it will not
create a /home for you since that is not the default configuration.
But it is doing this because *YOU* have told it to do this.

If you want a /home then delete all of the partitions and *create your
own*.  As a pilot I have this to say.  Fly the airplane.  Don't let
the airplane fly you.

> > > > If it were me and there was no free space, I would delete that
> > > > partition and go from there.
> > >
> > > Isn't use whole disk the equ?
> > I do not understand 'equ'
> Sorry Brian, that is generally shorthand for "equivalent", aka the same 
> thing.  IOW nothing precious on this disk, over write whats already 
> there.

I didn't understand the equ shorthand either.

Let's put this another way.  It is election time in my town.  I am
voting by mail today.  I have a ballot.  I research the choices and
make all of my own decisions and vote each of the items.  All good.
That is not equivalent to me handing my ballot to someone else and
telling them to vote the entire ballot as they want.

When you tell the installer to use the entire disk and partition it as
it has been preprogrammed to do that is what you are doing.  You are
giving up your decisions and handing them off to another.


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