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Re: free cloud

On Fri, 3 Apr 2015 11:56:10 +0000 (UTC)
Dan Purgert <dan@djph.net> wrote:

> On Thu, 02 Apr 2015 22:17:02 +0200, Pol Hallen wrote:
> > Hey all :-)
> > 
> > I looking for a free cloud with almost rsync server-side (or other
> > good services to automatically sync data) no http/s transfer.
> > 
> > What's the best online (and free or chip cost) service?
> > 
> > thanks!
> > 
> > Pol
> Probably not "the best" -- but I've had good results with the free
> Dropbox service for like forever. There's also Google Drive.  

I'd like to second that. Dropbox has worked well for me with Linux.
When I originally registered, I had some good luck as they were doing a
couple of campaigns around that time that got me quite a bit of free
space. The Linux client is pretty basic (and binary-only, I think), but
it does everything I need.

I mainly use it to store a few encrypted files, and to put things there
so I can send others a link that will let them download it.

> Granted, I don't trust EITHER of these services farther than I can
> throw them, but they're good for semi-private things that won't hurt
> me in any way shape or form if they get out (e.g. our D&D party's
> banked gold & assets)

I agree with that, which is why most of what I put there is encrypted,
and not really that important in the first place.

If you are willing to spend a little bit of money, there are plenty of
cheap VPS providers. Personally, I use DigitalOcean[1], and I have been
quite satisfied with them. Good service, and they're quick to respond. I
think I pay $10/month, and for that I get a VPS with 1G RAM, 30G SSD
storage, and 2TB transfer. For $5/month you get 512M RAM, 20G SSD and
1TB transfer. It's probably cheaper if you pay by the year, but I
haven't bothered with that. You can also choose where in the world you
want your VPS, they have several locations. They provide images of all
the major distributions plus FreeBSD, I think.

Then you could set up something like OwnCloud[2], or just use basic *nix
tools like scp to transfer your data. OwnCloud can also sync with other
services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

I'm sure there are many other providers like this out there, but this
one is pretty cheap, and it was a big deal for me that they provide
locations around the world, so I don't have to transfer my data all the
way to/from the US. Although this might read like an advertisement, I
have no other connection to them other than being a satisfied customer.

YMMV. Caveat emptor. Batteries not included. :)


[1] https://www.digitalocean.com/
[2] https://owncloud.org/

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