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Re: free cloud

Bernd Naumann wrote:

> If the service is 'free' you have to ask yourself why is this so.
> I would not recommend such services. Yep, you can transfer only
> encrypted data, but you have no quarantine that this service will be
> provided with any service level or reliability.
> There are several cheap VirtualPrivateServer provider out there, so
> just take a look and choose one, which will fit your needs, but I
> think it is a waste of time to look for a free service.
> But the downside on all these 'cheep vps provider' I'm aware off, is
> that they don't offer any useful amount of storage space. So maybe
> find a friend or too, and invest in a monthly rent of a
> bare-metal-server ;)

I agree - everything comes at a price. There are multiple issues like NSA,
privacy, security and availability of mails and other data, but everything
has its cost.

I am also interested in similar cloud solution, but even if you invest in a
machine, where would you run it and for a cloud solution you need at least
two in two different locations.

May I ask: What would you pay per year for a solution that solves all those
issues? Just curious - if I offer you a membership for 15 or 20US$/y would
it be acceptable?

Because the question is about free cloud I do not understand if he means
free from NSA or free licensed :) 

He also says free or cheep so what is cheep? I think if privacy and
availability is important, 30 US$/y for 5G basic package is acceptable.
What do you think?



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