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Re: Is this an April Fool joke running early ? (Systemd to fork the kernel)

On Wednesday 01 April 2015 23:04:49 Andrew McGlashan wrote:
> On 1/04/2015 2:07 AM, bjf092@gmail.com wrote:
> > Reading Wikipedia- it says systemd was chosen as default on Jessie aft
> > er discussion over these mailing lists...
> > Is this wrong?
> It is wrong to a great extent.
> Most negative discussion of system was quashed....
> And although this time, the kernel fork is an April Fool's joke, it
> really might not be far from the truth down the track.
> Again, I must say, I want Linus Linux and most definitely not Lennart
> Linux myself.
> A.
Wouldn't that be Lennax?

E. L.

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