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Re: Is this an April Fool joke running early ? (Systemd to fork the kernel)

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On 1/04/2015 2:07 AM, bjf092@gmail.com wrote:
> Reading Wikipedia- it says systemd was chosen as default on Jessie aft
er discussion over these mailing lists...
> Is this wrong?

It is wrong to a great extent.

Most negative discussion of system was quashed....

The DDs and committee members discussed things to a certain extent,
enough for them to decide it was the way to go ... much to the dismay of
a huge number of users and system administrators whom have basically
been silenced.

Attempts were made to "remedy" the situation, by way of a vote that only
DD's were able to vote in, the users and system administrators were
largely ridiculed and ignored with the very strong pro side people on
systemd getting their way with a bunch of DDs resigning as the last
straw over this matter.  There is absolutely no doubt that systemd has
been extremely divisive and for many, myself included, the damage is too
great.  I've greatly loved Debian over the years for all sorts of
reasons, but this will have me parting ways as soon as I'm able to do so
unless there is a miraculous miracle before then.

And although this time, the kernel fork is an April Fool's joke, it
really might not be far from the truth down the track.

Again, I must say, I want Linus Linux and most definitely not Lennart
Linux myself.


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