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Upgrade for wheezy to jessie hangs

Hello fellow Debian users,

I have been testing upgrading to Jessie given that release is coming
closer. I ran into a problem while upgrading which actually causes the
upgrade to hang and the system to get into a non-bootable state. I
actually managed to track down the problem to an interaction between
memtest86+, grub, and LVM snapshots, and I filed a bug about it:


Unfortunately it has been almost 2 months now without hearing anything
from the maintainer. Naturally I am a bit disappointed and a bit worried
because memtest86+ is installed by default so potentially a lot of
people could run into this problem.

My question: can I do something to make the issue more noticeable?
Should I improve the description of the issue? Do you think it actually
is release critical? If so, is there a way to make it more noticeable to
the maintainer or release team?



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