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Re: list non auto packages

Rusi Mody wrote on 01/31/2015 03:15:
> Is there a way to get the  packages the user has installed?
> Yeah I know that
> dpkg --get-selections
> will get ALL packages
> How to filter out the zillions of lib... and only see what was manually installed?
> Yeah I remember some answer to this a few months ago.
> The closest I can get is
> aptitude search '~M~i'
> but it still lists a large number of libs

Maybe, you should first tidy up your system then. With aptitude command, e.g.,

  aptitude search '~i!~M(~R~i|~Rrecommends:~i)'

It will show any installed packages that aren't auto which are dependencies or
recommendations of other packages. In short, packages that aren't marked auto
but could (should?) be.
If you only want to got through the lib packages, command

  aptitude search '~i^lib!~M(~R~i|~Rrecommends:~i)'

Then decide which ones to mark auto installed
(with aptitude: aptitude markauto <package_name_list>).


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