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Re: Tried to boot my laptop from a cafe...

Op Sun, 01 Feb 2015 12:24:08 +0100 schreef Jarle Aase <jgaa@jgaa.com>:

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Normally I use my laptop as a workstation, with wired Internet and a 1 T
extra disk in the cd-tray.

Today I tried to boot it in a cafe, off-line and without the extra disk.
It was not possible. Systemd would just wait indefinitely for some
start-up jobs (it was waiting for the missing disk to come on-line among
some other things). Fortunately, I had the extra disk with me, so I
attached it and tried again. Still for no use. Systemd now waited for
the network interfaces. So I had to actually connect an ethernet cable
to a router just to get the crap to boot, and then unplug it and walk
back to my table.

How did this happen? How come Debian is now  /more/ useless than
Windows? It can't even boot if the hardware configuration is not exactly
the way it assumes. WTF!


I only know the answer for the extra disk problem.
add "nofail" to /etc/fstab

I have a line with:
(Please ignore the strange disk type)

/dev/etherd/e0.1	/media/net_hd0	auto	rw,user,nofail 0 0



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