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Re: remote printing for an USB printer

On Thu, 25 Dec 2014, Lisi Reisz wrote:

No, but you have not explained why you dislike my solution so much that you
are not even willing to try it!  You may, of course, have a very good reason,
but you have not explained it. ;-)

hi Lisi,
what you call "solution" was "do the setup to get what you want". This is not
very helpful!
  1/ It seems that you didn't read all my posts, and in particular my reply to your post.
  2/ you never reply to precise questions.
      For example
       - in this post I wrote
         "you don't say whether the command must be run on the server or on the client"
          your reply says nothing about that.
      - in my last post, I asked:

         what do you mean exactly by "enabling server and client"?

        your reply says nothing about that.

       the only information you provide is "use the web interface"
       I you read my 1st post, you can see that it was of course one of my attempts.

       I can understand that you have no idea about how to fix my present problem, but
       in this case it's not very useful to reply with neither a solution nor a hint to
       find one.

best regards,
Pierre Frenkiel

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