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Re: USB drive mounted Read-only; what to do ?

Ric Moore wrote:
> Andrei POPESCU wrote:
> > On one hand I don't think it's such a big burden to use su/do or similar
> > for this type of operation, on the other hand it's slightly easier to
> > pick the wrong device and destroy your data.
> Andrei, the issue of IF the pen-drive was automounted on insertion has not
> been raised. What do you think?? Ric

Certainly if it were mounted when writing to the underlying raw device
I would expect that would really confuse the kernel about the mount
point.  If it were mounted read-only that would be the best case.  But
if the file system were trying to update structures then I would
expect that would corrupt the iso image written to the raw device.
Hopefully it wouldn't boot as opposed to booting but having strange
errors later.


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