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Re: Changing permission in user's home directory

On 12/20/2014 06:15 PM, Peter Gerber wrote:
On our server we create an user for every of our customer and we run an
instance of home-made java application (as the customers respective user). The
issue is just who ever set up those servers created a home directory per user
and set up everything in that directory. Including static files needed by ngnix
for which I need to do something like $chgrp www-data <path> after an update.

I'm aware there is no technical reasons for having such a weird directory
constellation. The issue is just reorganizing file hierarchies on docents of
productive installations is not that easy, so I hoped for an easy work-around
for the old installations. At least until the long overdue revision of the
update and installation procedure has been done.


1.  You have a shared host with user logins enabled.

2. You have directories and files that need to be read, written, searched, and/or executed both by nginx and by users.

3. Your solution is to set the group ownership and the group permissions on the above directories and files.

4.  The solution is currently implemented by hand.

5. Software upgrades are stepping on your solution, requiring that it be re-implemented for each user after each upgrade.

It sounds like you need to automate your solution (e.g. shell script), and then run it after upgrading (or have the upgrader run it after every upgrade). As always, your automated solution will need to pay careful attention to security.


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