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Re: Changing permission in user's home directory

On our server we create an user for every of our customer and we run an 
instance of home-made java application (as the customers respective user). The 
issue is just who ever set up those servers created a home directory per user 
and set up everything in that directory. Including static files needed by ngnix 
for which I need to do something like $chgrp www-data <path> after an update.

I'm aware there is no technical reasons for having such a weird directory 
constellation. The issue is just reorganizing file hierarchies on docents of 
productive installations is not that easy, so I hoped for an easy work-around 
for the old installations. At least until the long overdue revision of the 
update and installation procedure has been done.

On Sunday 21 December 2014 02.21:39 David Christensen wrote:
> On 12/20/2014 04:11 PM, Peter Gerber wrote:
> > I want to change permission of a directory, recursively. The directory is
> > a subdirectory of a user's home directory.
> Why?  To what?  E.g. what is the technical requirement(s) that forces
> you to change permission of a directory and/or it's contents, and what
> must those permissions be?
> David

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