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Re: wordperfect 5.1 for unix, and debian?

On 12/19/2014 02:42 PM, Jape Person wrote:
On 12/19/2014 02:22 PM, Curt wrote:
On 2014-12-19, Karen Lewellen <klewellen@shellworld.net> wrote:

My choices work for me, and I am more than  willing to respect the
of others, even if I have zero need or desire to emulate them.
Thanks again for the comments, I consider this thread to be closed, at
least for me.

I don't think anyone was requiring or requesting your emulation.

I'm keeping this thread *open* for the usual useless bickering.

Happy Holidays,


I disagree strongly that the bickering is useless -- unless, of course,
it is emulated bickering.

Speaking of which, I saw an emu the other day. Can anyone explain how an
emu differs from a dosemu?

The lack of horns. :) Ric

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