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Re: wordperfect 5.1 for unix, and debian?

Hi again,
I appreciate all You provided in this exchange. Please do not go to over much trouble. as I use wp every single day on my main computer, and only had a desire to find something I might personally do with my Debian box, I will not lose anything if by chance my copy will only run in a Unix structure. I am not bothered paying for what I consider a worth while professional investment, weather financially or in energy.
It may be a fun experiment, but not a critical requirement.

On Wed, 17 Dec 2014, Doug wrote:

On 12/16/2014 11:34 PM, Karen Lewellen wrote:
 YOu know?
 I need to check this edition then, because it is far more current than
 1995 I  am sure.

Ok, I was guessing 1995, it was later. I found my copy of Corel WordPerfect 8 for Linux, Personal Edition. The disk is copyright 1998. If you have a version for Unix, it might never have run on Linux at all. If you have some kind of Unix, you could always try it and see what happens. There are various BCD versions around, which will supposedly run on a PC. I installed PCBCD, but I couldn't get it to boot on a multi-boot system, and I don't have a spare PC to try it on. In spite of the fact that I "never" throw anything out, I can't find the copy of Solaris I was going to offer you. It came from about 2000. If you know what kind of Unix the WP was made for, and what year, I bet you can find a Unix that will run it, on eBay, or Amazon. Most Unixes were not free, however. Maybe the obsolescent ones are at least reasonable! And, of course, most Unixes did not run on PCs, but some did--the Solaris I had would. If by chance I find it, I'll
let you know.


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