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Re: Unable to install bootloader on software raid

On Sat, Dec 13, 2014 at 11:36:58AM +0200, Johann Spies wrote:
>    After two of my hard disks failed, I decided to use a software raid in
>    future and tried to install Debian Testing on the raid.  The configuration
>    of the raid and software installation went well until I tried to install
>    the bootloader.  Both Grub and Lilo refused to install.
>    If it is not possible to install Grub or Lilo onto a software raid, why is
>    the option available in Grub?
>    I have seen several efforts to solve this problem on the internet, but
>    none of them worked for me.
>    What is the way to install Debian onto a software raid?

I think the problem is that, depending on the RAID level, the BIOS won't
be able to read the disks in order to load GRUB. If you're running
RAID0, then you're in luck; both drives appear as normal disks and all
that RAID does is ensure they are kept identical. If you're running
RAID1, though, then each disk is a chopped-up mess of data and you NEED
the RAID to provide the hint that half the data is on another device.

Now, once grub is loaded, it CAN assemble the RAID to a sufficient point
to load all the pieces of the kernel, but if the BIOS can't make enough
sense out of the disk to load GRUB then you have a problem. In that
case, you would normally leave a portion of the disk unRAIDed and
install GRUB onto that.

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>    Johann
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