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fsck on boot in Jessie

After contributing some comments to the thread on aborting
fsck during boot, I thought to try Andrei's /etc/rc.local
suggestion. While rebooting, I discovered something quite
unexpected (to me at least):

The computer on which I did my test is running Jessie.
Jessie was installed on it on Sept 26, 2014 at 14:40:58,
and has been rebooted ten times since that date. It has
been regularly upgraded with all the new versions of debs
since then.

During boot the screen displayed a message for too short
a time for me to memorize it entirely, but it started with:
[ systemd-fsck ]
and continues with something about "clean" and /dev/sda1.

Was there no one in the group discussion who was aware of
systemd-fsck ?? Surely, if there was (s)he would have
enlighten the rest of us as to this fact and the discussion
would have been far less looong.

Paul E Condon           

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