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Re: fsck on boot in Jessie

On 12/12/2014 09:08 PM, Paul E Condon wrote:
After contributing some comments to the thread on aborting
fsck during boot, I thought to try Andrei's /etc/rc.local
suggestion. While rebooting, I discovered something quite
unexpected (to me at least):

The computer on which I did my test is running Jessie.
Jessie was installed on it on Sept 26, 2014 at 14:40:58,
and has been rebooted ten times since that date. It has
been regularly upgraded with all the new versions of debs
since then.

During boot the screen displayed a message for too short
a time for me to memorize it entirely, but it started with:
[ systemd-fsck ]
and continues with something about "clean" and /dev/sda1.

Was there no one in the group discussion who was aware of
systemd-fsck ?? Surely, if there was (s)he would have
enlighten the rest of us as to this fact and the discussion
would have been far less looong.

I think you're referring to the check that systemd-fsck makes to be sure that boot partition was unmounted cleanly the last time the system was shut down, and I've always seen that line since switching to systemd as an init system among the few lines printed to screen before everything goes black during the boot process. The same check is made under other init systems, too. Otherwise, our boot partitions would have no protection against unclean shutdowns.

Even if you use the reset method for the maximum mount count with tune2fs, the system will still perform a full file system check if the boot partition was not unmounted cleanly at time of last shutdown.

Andrei's suggestion is to prevent the precautionary or "just because" fsck from running after a given number of partition mounts and / or after a given span of time. Those file system checks can be rescheduled / prevented / forced using Andrei's method. But it's not considered wise to interrupt or prevent a file system check that's being run because the partition is not marked as being clean.

At least I think I've got that right. I'm sleepy, and I'm even dumber than normal because of antihistamines. If I'm wrong, I'm sure someone will offer a correction.


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