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Re: How is typical home computer used today?

On 12/12/2014 07:47 AM, berenger.morel@neutralite.org wrote:

Le 12.12.2014 11:43, claude juif a écrit :
If i had to answer this question the way i understand it i will say

"Browsers, Mails" and sometimes Games.

This is how i understand typical home computer today.

Is this typical use, or average use? :p
Because I would add, to typical, office suits uses, but I would not add
it to average.
Plus, now, it can be made trough browsing.

That's an example of why people here are saying that the original
question is too wide, imprecise. And I would add, useless. Because
people adapt their computer environment to their uses, and if I agree
that there are patterns, I disagree that there are typical uses.

Suppose we leave it as if the machine will run on household power or require 220 volts? I kept a Unisys 5000/90 that required 220V at 80 amps just to boot the thing one of four 250 pound harddrives at a time. I moved from a house to an unused bank building (Yeah, it had a vault and an elevator!) where I had the juice to run it. It was cheaper than renting the house! It was great fun until the electric bill increased by $100 for the month. That would NOT be a home computer, even though I made the place my "living industrial" home. I highly recommend it for a bachelor.

So maybe we could consider a standard for "home computer" that it "runs on 110V with less than X amount of watts"? :) Ric

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