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Re: Skipping fsck during boot with systemd?

On 12/12/2014 6:02 AM, Gian Uberto Lauri wrote:
> Jerry Stuckle writes:
>  > This means fsck will never run because I don't use
>  > the laptop outside of those times.
> Plan to use it outside of these times as a maintenance call. Or check
> the discussion for a nice suggestion to make the "fsck on max mount or
> time exceeded" work to do what you want and not what it wants.

No, I work enough hours as it is.  I have a life outside of Debian.

However, the max mount is an interesting idea.  I'll look at it - but
right now plans are to stick with Wheezy as long as it is supported.  If
the next version of Debian after Jessie (not sure what the name is)
still has systemd, I'll be changing distros.

The other option is to follow many of my clients to another distro,
which is also a possibility.


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