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Re: How is typical home computer used today?

Le 12.12.2014 13:19, Andrei POPESCU a écrit :
On Vi, 12 dec 14, 12:41:38, berenger.morel@neutralite.org wrote:
Oh, sorry, I just forgot that... linux is not desktop ready, right :) (day of troll here ;) ) but more seriously, currently, the apt/rpm/etc idea is being adopted by other desktop systems, the ones which have users saying
that installing something on linux is too hard.

I subscribe to what Linus said at Debconf 14 (the video is on Youtube):
the "competition" on the desktop is decided by pre-installs.

I both agree and disagree. For some uses, there are softwares for which I know no alternatives on a system or another one. Examples: AutoCAD => windows, ease of maintenance => Debian, Fedora (but, not Linux!) and maybe some BSD.

Plus, there is also the history: everyone knows what Windows looks like, even if they do not knows what is Windows.

So, things are a little more complicated than the current pre-install thing. Also, there was an effort for netbooks several years ago, on which Linux distros were installed.

So, I both agree and disagree :)

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