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Re: 9p/plumber to replace D-Bus?

Le 11.12.2014 20:27, Martin Read a écrit :
On 11/12/14 17:21, Richard Owlett wrote:
There is a market (how large???) for a single user single task computer
and OS.

It's very large indeed! Apple, and the various customers (e.g.
Samsung, LG, HTC) of Google and Microsoft, are quite enthusiastic
about selling devices that (superficially) cater to that market.

That is how I operate ~100% of the time. Security is a non-issue, I have the only key to my house. It needs only one password to cove case of physical malicious access. There would be advantages to a maintenance
password to guard me from making careless/dumb errors on *MY OWN*
machine. It would be extremely useful if its kernel supported running
unmodified Debian packages.

Conveniently, it turns out to be possible to configure a Debian
system to automatically log you in when you turn it on. I haven't
*followed* any of the links duckduckgo has kindly provided me with
when I typed

debian autologin

into its search box and pressed RETURN, but at least some of them
certainly appear to be useful based on the "preview" text shown in the

Those hints wont transform your system into a single user one. A single user one would not have root, cups, ,colord, etc users. Only the single user the physical person behind uses, which allows software to access the whole system without asking password or things like that.
Dangerous, imho.

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