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Re: Installing a bootloader on a Mac Mini without OSX

>> > I've tried the i386 install (v7.7) CD multiple times and I've tried having
>> > it put GRUB on the MBR and on the partition and neither way resulted
>> > in a bootable install.
>> I think this can be made to work with a bit of twiddling (e.g. using
>> lilo or grub-legacy, or maybe tweaking of the partition table).
>> But without knowing any more details than "(not) resulted in a bootable
>> install", it's hard to tell.
> The only further details I have is that I didn't see any sign of GRUB on any
> of the times I rebooted after an install.  The word "GRUB" never appeared on
> the screen, just the folder-with-a-question-mark icon.

When you're in Debian (probably via the install CD), what do

    fdisk -l /dev/sda
    parted /dev/sda print


> I suspect I had grub v1 on there for a minute or two, the one time I tried
> the Lenny amd64 disc.


    grub-install /dev/sda

tell us what it said (there are many ways it can fail).  And tell us what


says as well right before/after the above grub-install command.


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