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Re: About Testing Freeze and KDE

On Ma, 09 dec 14, 16:11:30, B. M. wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm using Debian since about a year now, so this is my first freeze :-)
> How does the freeze work in regard to KDE: currently, many packages 
> are at 4.14.2, PIM is at 4.14.1 and the latest 4.14 release is 4.14.3
Are there any significant changes?

> Is it true that the packages will stay at these version numbers, also 
> after the release of Jessie?

In general yes. Depending on how a specific software project handles 
versioning it might happen that a new version is allowed, e.g. because 
it fixes serious bugs, but doesn't touch anything else.

It's also possible for the maintainer to cherry-pick only the 
interesting changes (e.g. bug fixes).

> But wouldn't it make sense to upgrade everything to 4.14.3 since this 
> is the latest and most stable KDE 4 release?

If it's the latest how can you tell it's the most stable? After all, it 
didn't get much testing (yet).

> Is this impossible because it conflicts with the Debian policy?

Nothing is impossible, but any exception granted by the Release Team has 
to be carefully considered, as

1. it might do more harm than good, e.g. by introducing new bugs
2. others will be requesting exceptions as well ;-)

Kind regards,
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