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[solved] Re: suspend/resume problems jessie/Xfce

Mike Kupfer wrote:

> 1. When resuming from suspend, the display fails to go out of sleep mode
> until I press Ctrl-Alt-Fn to go to a different virtual terminal.  But
> then when I return the vt7, the display flickers and there are
> horizontal lines running through it.  I don't see this problem when
> resuming from hibernation.  Wheezy does not have this problem.

Installing firmware-linux-nonfree fixed this problem.

> 2. Although I have the Xfce power manager configured to lock the screen
> when suspending or hibernating, the system comes up unlocked (both from
> suspend and from hibernation).

This was solved by finding the correct setting and enabling it (many
thanks to the Xfce maintainer for explaining this).

If you suspend/resume from the logout dialog, the operation is managed
by xfce4-session, not xfce4-power-manager.  So to have the screen locked
on resume, you need to enable it in the session settings (Advanced


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