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suspend/resume problems jessie/Xfce

I have a system that is configured for dual-boot: Wheezy and Jessie,
with a shared /home.  The Jessie partition was just installed today.

I can't get the system to resume properly on Jessie.  There are 2

1. When resuming from suspend, the display fails to go out of sleep mode
until I press Ctrl-Alt-Fn to go to a different virtual terminal.  But
then when I return the vt7, the display flickers and there are
horizontal lines running through it.  I don't see this problem when
resuming from hibernation.  Wheezy does not have this problem.

2. Although I have the Xfce power manager configured to lock the screen
when suspending or hibernating, the system comes up unlocked (both from
suspend and from hibernation).

The 2nd problem seems to be related to how the system is suspended (or
put into hibernation).  On Wheezy, I have the Xfce power manager
configured to display a systray icon.  If I suspend by right-clicking on
that icon, the system resumes with the screen locked.  If I suspend via
the logout dialog, the system resumes with the screen unlocked.  On
Jessie, I don't see a way to get the systray icon, so AFAICT the only
way to suspend is via the logout dialog.  (There's a power manager panel
applet in Jessie, but it doesn't seem to provide a way to

Hardware: ZaReason AMD Breeze (64-bit); video: ATI RS880. 
No non-free firmware installed (Jessie or Wheezy).

I'm looking for suggestions on what to do next.


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