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Re: Epson XP-820 Small-in-one

On 12/05/2014 08:43 PM, Gary Dale wrote:
I bought the XP-820 because it was on sale and could print to CD/DVD - a
feature that I liked about my earlier Espon R-320 printer. Unfortunately
the XP-820 needs the Epson escpr driver while the R-320 used the
Cups-Gutenprint driver. The former doesn't seem to include the
print-to-CD/DVD feature that the latter has.

There is a work-around, of writing to an SDHC card then inserting the
card into a lot in the printer and using the printer's control panel to
print a design to CD/DVD. This is quite cumbersome so I'm hoping someone
has a method of getting the XP-820 to print to CD/DVD from Linux.

I used Turboprint from turboprint.info. It is a paid program and it allows me to print to CD/DVD. Unfortunately they have not come out a driver for the epson xp820. I have a Epson XP810

Joseph Loo

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