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Re: Epson XP-820 Small-in-one

On 12/05/2014 11:43 PM, Gary Dale wrote:
I bought the XP-820 because it was on sale and could print to CD/DVD - a
feature that I liked about my earlier Espon R-320 printer. Unfortunately
the XP-820 needs the Epson escpr driver while the R-320 used the
Cups-Gutenprint driver. The former doesn't seem to include the
print-to-CD/DVD feature that the latter has.

There is a work-around, of writing to an SDHC card then inserting the
card into a lot in the printer and using the printer's control panel to
print a design to CD/DVD. This is quite cumbersome so I'm hoping someone
has a method of getting the XP-820 to print to CD/DVD from Linux.

If you've gotten it to print at all, then I'd think you're most of the way there. I'd think you'd just need to go into cups and configure another virtual printer, changing the size of the output format from that of your functioning printer configuration of course, but probably too the resource name, as in the Device URI, eg:


Unfortunately, typically the documentation is insufficient, both from cups and from printer vendors, to determine what exactly the "resource" name should be... and generally. :/

Point is, I'd think the same driver would be used. After all, it's the same printer using the same ink cartridges. Why would a separate body of code (driver) be required. Check the ppd file for your printer to see if it mentions any CD or DVD or specs matching those.

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