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Re: Canon printers on wheezy (solved)

Hey, Rob,

I've been trying, unsuccessfully, to get a Canon PIXMA MX422 (same as the MX429 sold at Walmart) working. It's a newer all-in-one printer.

I downloaded both source code and rpm tarballs from Canon Singapore. The RPM wouldn't install because it needed libusb v.1.0.1 which is much higher than what I have. Similar library dependencies prevented me from successfully compiling (autogen.sh & make) all of the source code files.

So what was your secret?

On 10/09/2014 07:24 PM, Rob Hurle wrote:
I've just upgraded to wheezy and my Canon LBP 7200Cdn stopped working.
I used Radu Cotescu's script to try to reinstall it, but that failed and
messed up apt-get, as one of his debs tries to install an outdated
package.  I've cracked the problems and got my printer working again.
If anyone else is having similar troubles, you are welcome to get in
touch and I'll give you the details of what you need to do.


Rob Hurle

Rob Hurle
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