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Re: Installing Linux on a Mac Mini without OSX

On 2014-12-05 19:18, Steve McIntyre wrote:
>>> To the best of my knowledge, the Mac Mini you've got *is* EFI
>>> capable, but doesn't work in quite the way we'd normally expect.

IIRC Apple's EFI is (was) not exactly what now is known as UEFI
"standard". None of my Mac Minis did work with the Debian installer out
of the box until now.

> In the meantime, I'd try some of the other options people have
> pointed you at maybe. Sorry I can't help you immediately. :-/
>> I don't have any plans to run non-opensource software.

The best working setup so far for me was to

- keep OS X installed
- use rEFIt (now rEFInd)
- install Debian in addition

Why so? Firmware upgrades are only delivered via OS X Updates. It rarely
happens, but it does. So if you want them, keep the original OS installed.

BTW all of my Intel Minis support Yosemite withouth problems.

HTH, ändu

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