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Re: udev memory problem when trying to plug a disk with corrupted partition table

Le 02.12.2014 19:27, tv.debian@googlemail.com a écrit :
On 02/12/2014 20:48, berenger.morel@neutralite.org wrote:

Also, what is EBR (or EPBR, which seems to be some sort of enhanced
whatever may be a EBR)?

Extended Boot Record on DOS disks ? Where information about extended
partition is stored.


To fix things, I tried to take a look at
testdisk, which was able to find partitions. Lot of them, in facts,
included lot of... removed partitions (I did a lot of experiments on
that disk before). Plus, I have no idea about how to ask it (testdisk)
to fix, apply things?
Any document about how to use it? Not the man, I already have read it,
and it's plain useless.

I think you read French, if not the page is available in English too.

I do.


It's from TestDisk author.

Hope it helps.

It does, thanks. For now, I'll keep that disk in that state, in case informations and testing might be useful to maintainers.
I'll try to repair things in few weeks, probably.

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