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Re: Migrating GTK+ project to windows

On Wed, Nov 19, 2014 at 9:02 AM, "Morel Bérenger" <berenger.morel@neutralite.org> wrote:
Le Mar 18 novembre 2014 16:51, Kevin O'Gorman a écrit :
> I have a project that I'd like to migrate to Windows.  I'll likely be
> using Windows 8.1.

GTK+ is portable, or at least that what was said last time I checked so I
do not see the point in migrating anything.
I think you should start on downloading the installers on the official GTK

> It was originally developed on debian-based distros,

If it were written in a non-portable way, then you might have hard times,
if you are not experienced enough in programming.

> I make it with code::blocks normally.  I have code::blocks on my Windows
> machine, but not GTK+, and I've gotten confused by the documentation of
> how to put GTK+ there too.  Too many choices,

Well, I would start by going of official website, and download the stuff
for your targeted platform. There are not that many choices.

> and some have failed
> outright, but in cryptic fashion.

What have you tried, and how did it failed?

Sorry for the delay.  I couldn't remember details and I got waylaid by other things.

So I redid it.

I have downloaded the all-in-one GTK 2.24 bundle from http://www.gtk.org/download/win32.php and unzipped to C:\GTK
I have added C:\GTK\bin to %PATH%
I have configured GTK and run gtk-demo successfully

I created a new GTK project in code::blocks and compiled the main.c that code::blocks puts in by default.
I have attempted to run it, but I get a dialog that says libglib-2.0-0.dll is missing from my computer.  It is.  There are .lib things, but precious few .dll things in C:\GTK\lib 

Kevin O'Gorman
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