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Re: latest backports kernel not booting when LVM is involved

On 25/11/14 02:14 PM, lee wrote:

what could be the problem with the backport kernels?  They never finish
booting when the root fs is on an LVM volume.

Do I need to take special precautions with the backports kernel to get
it to boot?  I have a separate /boot partition not on LVM and a biosgrub
partition with the root fs on an LVM logical volume.  The default Wheezy
kernel boots just fine; the backports kernel gets stuck with the last
message being that some random-thing has been initialized.  The kernel
is still alive then: I can plug/unplug USB devices and get messages
about it on the console.  I can also see that the LVM volumes are
What happens if you boot to a recovery console/single user mode instead of a normal boot? Or can you get to a console using Ctrl-Alt-F2?

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