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Re: Why focus on systemd?

On 23/11/14 03:03, Buntunub wrote:
> I understand your reasons for thinking Systemd is bad for Debian. I do, and I
> also agree with some of them. However, Debian is composed of a diverse group
> of people who have every viewpoint under the sun from Systemd is the bane of
> Linux, to Systemd is the best thing to ever happen to Linux. No matter where
> you fall in that spectrum though, there is one common denominator, and that
> is that we all use and love Debian. Let's start from there.
> Making Systemd default in Jessie I believe runs against the Debian
> philosophy of conservative approach and "release when ready". While I
> personally disagree with Systemd, I have no problems with it being a part of
> the Debian family of supported apps. I do feel it is very unwise though to
> make it the default in Debian because of its monolithic nature and because
> of the dependency chain problems, which right now at least, make it
> difficult to run an alternative init system, which limits user choice.
> This mailing list is about Debian users. Let's stick to talking about issues
> affecting Debian users. This is my take, and why I oppose the decision to
> make Systemd the default in the next stable release. I certainly have no
> qualms about including Systemd in the next stable release, and I actually
> encourage it, so that people will have time to play with it and come to know
> and possibly even fall in love with it. I seriously do not understand why
> this needs to be rushed.

Thank you for your, considerate, rational, polite, intelligent, and
constructive post - which demonstrates what I regard as the "Debian way"
(a diverse, co-operative, non-hive mind).

Kind regards

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