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Re: the developers have spoken

On Thu 20 Nov 2014 at 10:03:25 +1100, Myceneaen Magic wrote:

> On 20/11/14 09:41, GypsyRoseLee wrote:
> > You will surely be aware that our company has the
> > rights to Fortune Telling throughout most countriea in the world.  
> (sigh) Yes - obtained by humbuggery and magic tricks.

Stock in trade.

> > Way back in 2004 our Crystall Ball Complex ran a program on the fuiure
> > of init systems. The first word it churned out was 'ringettoper'. We
> > were perplexed but, realising the system was running on a Red Hat base,
> > we changed to Debian and got 'tringeepot', which made a lot more sense
> > to us.
> How are those crystal balls working out for you?  Do you find it makes
> jogging difficult?

Not at all. The jangling sound alerts cyclists to fact we are pounding
the pavement behind them.

> You'll get no silver from me.
> Yours in debian solidarity.

Well said.

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