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Re: Re: the developers have spoken

Jonathan Dowland wrote: 

>Andrew McGlashan wrote:
>> No, not necessarily.  For maony, it means that Debian Linux is dying
>> and will soon be dead -- or rather, no longer relevant.  I just hope
>> that the alternative in FreeBSD works out.

>I encourage you to find out sooner, rather than later, but please don't
>trouble to tell us whether it does or not.

I could swear that the Social Contract states:
We will not hide problems 
Our priority are our users. 

I guess that doesn't imply that the users are allowed to say that they
are not happy about decisions? 
You got any idea, any proposals what a user could do in case he doesn't
like the actual decisions?
Love it or leave it? 

And, as a last note, don't worry: More valuable users will leave, or
have already left,  than you can imagine right now. Not everyone likes
it to be treated like an idiot. 

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