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Re: No Google bubble?

On 19/11/14 22:09, martin f krafft wrote:
> also sprach Scott Ferguson <scott.ferguson.debian.user@gmail.com> [2014-11-19 10:48 +0200]:
>> Sadly, whoever told you that was misinformed - and misinformed
>> you. Google results may vary according to the constantly updating
>> search index - and search terms - but the "search history", either
>> stored in your browser history, or your Google profile (if you
>> login to a Google account) does *not* affect results.
> Can you please back this up with evidence? I would love to be proven
> misinformed.

With the greatest respect Martin - have you tried testing it yourself?

Fire up three boxes running Iceweasel, with one using a Google profile
with a search history and logged into Google, a second not logged into
Google but with a search history, and a third also not logged into a
Google account but with no search history - then paste the same search
term into the search box. Do let me know if you can't find the pdf under
discussion at the top of the search results.
"systemd for administrators pdf"

If you refer to my original reply to Paul you'll note I quoted the
Google UK (and I'm not in the UK) blog notice where it states that
*modified* search results are clearly marked, and can be replaced with
*unmodified* search results by clicking on a button[*1] - please try
that before people prove a negative (assuming that's even possible).

Then, to be fair to the originally lambasted Brian - try *copying and
pasting* a search term.

And do note my original comment about the nature of Google's search
index - it's always changing (it's not a static index)[*2]. Even if you
do an identical search query at the same moment as I - we will get
different results (Google doesn't have a single international search
engine). Never-the-less, Brian's query *currently* will put that same
page at the top of the results (for the time being).

[*1] https://www.google.com/history/optout?hl=en

[*2] Now includes the OP's post

Here's the first URLs from the results (I've removed the dozen or so
that are above the search results):-

Apropos of which, for those concerned about Google not providing search
results as a community service, please try the following Iceweasel
;Moxie's Google Sharing
;Wladimir Palant's Ad Block Plus
;Ove's Self-Destructing Cookies
;Giorio Maone's No Script


Kind regards

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