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Ati Radeon HD 7850 Problem on Debian 7 Stable

Dear sir or madam,
I have an Ati Radeon 7850, and have tried using in Debian Stable.
However, I am constantly greeted by X.org issues (in this case, it being unable to start, I'm guessing because of the kernel mod not being properly installed because I'm using an outdated kernel?)
So, in sum, I'm asking what way you recommend me installing or adding support for this card, as I'm unable to.
I've tried various sources and blogs explaining how to do it, but more often than not, I end up with a corrupted installation following their suggestions / explanations.
Same thing goes for my wireless card (I was unfortunate enough to get a realtek chip, it's an RTL8192 ), I install firmware-realtek from Debian ( And firmware-Linux-nonfree ) hoping it's all I need to get it up and running, but doing so, makes my ETH0 not respond to DHCP at all (I'm guessing it also needs a firmware blob to work, and is somehow being given the wrong one? )

Any help is appreciated!
Thank you
Best Regards

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