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Re: Web site conformance and various browsers


On 11/17/2014 02:45 PM, songbird wrote:
>   sometimes i have issues with a website and i cannot
> tell if it is a problem with the browser or a problem
> with the website.  obviously i am not a website 
> developer so this sort of issue isn't clear where i
> need to poke at things more...
>   are there any tools available which help sort that
> out (like one that says "This page conforms to 
> standards X and Y, but violates a for this part") etc.?
>   most the time i use Iceweasel (most current versions
> available in testing, sid or experimental) or Midori.
> Midori seems to do better and I'm not sure why as i
> thought that it used the same basic infrastructure as
> Iceweasel.
>   any web developers who struggle with this and if I'm
> missing something obvious (like use a different browser
> like Opera or ...)?

I think you're looking for this :


or this for more inquiries:


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