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Re: dm-crypt/LUKS performance

On Sun, 16 Nov 2014, David Fuchs wrote:
> I am setting up a system with an Intel octo-core Avoton, which has AES-NI
> support. After doing some crude benchmarking tests with dd, I am surprised
> about the huge performance penalty that full-disk encryption apparently has
> on read/write throughput.

You need to use a recent kernel that can run dm-crypt in parallel (and it
needs to be compiled with that option enabled as well.  I don't know if
Debian's 3.16 is compiled like that).  That information is missing from your

> The system will be used as a home file server, and the results with drive
> encryption are still acceptable - but I'm still curious if they are to be
> expected, or if there is an obvious culprit for the performance hit. Is it
> possible that I'm not using the hardware AES?

Check in /proc/crypto whether aes-asm is listed, and whether it has a higher
priority than aes-generic.

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