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Re: Why focus on systemd?

On 16/11/2014, Peter Nieman <gmane-acct@t-online.de> wrote:


> It's the domination of the desktop environment ideology that's the
> problem. Many users came to Linux and Debian years ago because they were
> fed up with Microsoft. And now the same ideology infiltrates their
> Linux, whether they chose to install a desktop environment or not.

Just try a window manager on top of X, quite a different approach, and
one that minimises distractions in my opinion.

I use IceWM because it is easy to configure. A few applications (surf,
xfe, pmount, mpg123, xpdf, OpenOffice installed from tar.gz,
r-base/r-devel, gnuplot, texlive) and I'm working fine and listening
to the music on my phone through a better sound system. Init agnostic
(use of the apt-get option --no-install-recommends ensures that),
fast, impressive. You can learn systemd or stay with sysvinit. I might
even try upstart for lutz.

Jessie is a good place to be.

Keith Burnett

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