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Re: Installing an Alternative Init?

Didier 'OdyX' Raboud wrote:
Le mercredi, 12 novembre 2014, 10.17:54 Miles Fidelman a écrit :
Didier 'OdyX' Raboud wrote:
Le mercredi, 12 novembre 2014, 09.11:40 Tanstaafl a écrit :
Which is precisely *why* (people) should have been required to fix
that bug (…)
This is simply not how Debian works.
You mean a bug can't be marked as release critical?
I mean that people cannot be required to fix bugs.

Furthermore, the people in the Release Team have the final word (modulo
GR override) on what they consider "release critical". This definition
happens to currently match the policy severity definition, but isn't
necessarily so; in particular, they've used their 'wheezy-ignore' tags
during the last freeze for bugs that had a particular severity but that
they didn't consider "release-critical".

I can't insist enough on this: the Debian procedures have been correctly
followed; the TC took a decision which could be challenged by a simple
majority GR [0]. This GR has never been called by anyone with voting
rights, or hasn't gathered enough seconds to get to a vote. The TC
decision stays in force as a decision to have systemd as default init
system for jessie.

You might very well be unhappy with this situation, the way the decision
was taken, the way it wasn't challenged by the DDs, the fact that no
conditions were posed to systemd maintainers, or anything else, that's
totally fine. Please just be aware that repeating your unhappiness ad
nauseam will not change that fact.

Yes, I am unhappy with the situation, as apparently are a not-insignificant number of other Debian users. One could hope that feedback might have some effect in influencing future decisions. That it has not, or if anything rigidified the Direction of Debian, is in itself, rather useful information when it comes to making plans for future use of Debian. (As someone else said - hope that LFS extends Wheezy's lifetime. And in parallel, start looking for a new distro, platform and maybe working on derivative or fork.)

It is also quite useful to identify others who are similarly unhappy, so that we may exchange knowledge about how to move forward with pursuing alternatives.

Miles Fidelman

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