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Re: Installing Android development software

On Wed, Nov 12, 2014 at 3:39 AM, Steve Greig <greigsteve@gmail.com> wrote:
>>apt-cache search android | less
>>returns some interesting results?
> That was useful to know how to  search the APT cache.
> I am thinking of starting a new thread as I am completely unable to
> find any of the files and folders I created when I downloaded and
> installed the adt-bundle. I definitely had it on my system but now I
> can't find it. I was wondering if it could have uninstalled itself.
> The other possibility is I am not searching in the right places and am
> not using the find files procedure correctly.

If you installed it under your user's home directory,

    find /home -name android

as root should do it. Or log in as the user you think you were when
you installed it to search.

Or updatedb (probably as root) and locate?

Joel Rees

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