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Re: Unable too boot after fresh install of latest "testing"

On Mon, 10 Nov 2014 10:16:59 +0200
Jarle Aase <jgaa@jgaa.com> wrote:

> I have been using "testing" for quite some time. Saturday, I upgraded to 
> the latest version. That was a disaster. Eventually I gave up fixing the 
> upgrade and performed a fresh install (with encrypted root file system). 
> No matter what I did (I tried 5 - 6 fresh installs on two disks, and a 
> few boots into rescue mode to try to execute grub-install or update-grub 
> manually), I was unable to boot after the upgrade.
> After the upgrade, I have a black screen with a little cursor blinking 
> in the upper, left corner. No messages from grub. No response when I 
> press keys on the keyboard. No time-out. It just stays there.
> I installed Linux Mint (kde edition) without any issues late yesterday 
> night - so the hardware seems to be OK. However, I'm doing some C++14 
> programming, and the compilers in Mint are too old for my code. I can't 
> compile. That's the reason I was using testing on my main machine.
> I still have a free SSD disk where I can install and trouble-shoot the 
> problem. Please advice.
> Hardware:
> - Lenovo w520 laptop with 2 SSD´s and one HDD
> - 24" HP LA240wg monitor on the Display Port connector
> - 24" Philips 240BW monitor on the VGA connector
> Jarle

Boot from Install CD/DVD and choose rescue mode. Than you can review
grub options and reinstall. Alternatively, you can try lilo.

Is your boot partition not encrypted?


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