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Re: Joey Hess is out?

On 14Nov08:1603+0100, Mart van de Wege wrote:

> Quite frankly, I'm disgusted. A developer with a lot of contributions is
> chased away by the noise made by a bunch of whiners who can't even be
> bothered to set up a test server.
> And because some devs want to placate those whiners, we get interminable
> political games and good people quitting the project.
> Why don't the anti-systemd people do what they've been threatening the
> whole time and fuck off to another distro or to FreeBSD?

That comes across as someone who believes in not letting
a good crisis go to waste.  However, your opinions about
this DD's motivations are exceptionally wide of the mark
given he said nothing about non-DD influences and did
point to changes in the structures and interactions of
DDs exclusive of non-DDs.  In other words, this is bogus
opinion (spin), not factual reporting.
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