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Re: Conflict of interest in Debian

On 10/15/2014 04:19 PM, Ric Moore wrote:
On 10/15/2014 07:08 AM, berenger.morel@neutralite.org wrote:

Le 15.10.2014 12:09, Brian a écrit :
On Wed 15 Oct 2014 at 10:41:12 +0200, berenger.morel@neutralite.org

Le 15.10.2014 09:11, Jonathan Dowland a écrit :
>On Wed, Oct 15, 2014 at 12:51:07AM -0400, Steve Litt wrote:
>>Check out what single company has 30% of the gatekeepers. Surprise,
>Damned for their success. We want Linux to be successful, but woe
>betide any
>company that actually gets us there...

Maybe you want.
But I think that most users just want it to work fine and
efficiently, which does not necessarily imply being sold massively
around the world.

He's doing some of the work on Debian; others work with different
distributions. They get what they want. Users get what they want.
Everyone's a winner. :)

Maybe. But, when someone tries to sell stuff a lot, to have a big market
share, then that guy must take a large target, which leads to systems
which might become less stable or less efficient. And if that guy want
to keep his market, then he'll have to avoid people escaping his stuff,
this is why vendor locks exists.
Definitely, I hope that Debian won't take that road. It it does, then,
I'll switch. I'm taking a look at netBSD, even if I guess that I'll have
a hard time being successful in feeling as comfortable with it than with

I don't know what you all do to get paid in order to pay bills and/or
raise a family, but working for Red Hat is not a bad gig.

This is fortuitous!

 Not a bad gig
at all. I'm sure some soreheads think that we debated WORLD DOMINATION
during lunch, or how to screw over Debian, but sadly we mostly discussed
what was the "Right Thing<tm>"

Do you mean, job-related ethics?

 to do there just as we do on this list.

I'm glad you replied because you're just the person to query.

When you discussed job-related ethics at lunchtime, did the subject of conflict of interest ever come up, regarding voting in Debian?

If it's impossible to imagine, then consider a purely hypothetical case. A developer is working on a package that could get widespread adoption within Debian, but some kind of technicality stands in the way, requiring a vote. As an employee, is there a conflict if he votes? I know I'm the joker on this list but now I'm serious. <serious smiley would go here>

After all, everyone at RedHat had been a user first, before landing a
paying job.

So, to everyone heaping scorn on RedHat, go here: http://jobs.redhat.com/

So you mean, the place for people with inferiority complexes? :)

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